Sunday, 15 March 2009

Welcome to the Wood Burning Stove Blog

We had an old-fashioned stone fireplace for many years which was smoky, inefficient and messy. We burned logs in a caste iron fire log basket. The good thing was the wood was free. We gathered it from a copse of trees behind our house; part of the local golf course.

With the credit crunch and the energy crisis we decided to save some money and had the old stone fireplace removed and replaced with a wood burning stove. This has greatly reduced our gas bills and burns wood far more efficiently than our old open fire.

Below are some articles to help you get started on the adventure of owning a wood burner:


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    As more and more individuals look to set up wooden losing ranges in their houses there is no uncertainty that need for this particular form of warm will increase for many decades to come.

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  4. Hey, I discovered a great idea for those of you who want to put on a little coal in the stove at night to keep the house warmer longer while you're sleeping. As you may know, coal has the tendency of breaking up and rolling around and not being cooperative in staying in position in the fire. So, I made small chicken wire baskets to set the smaller chunks of coal or even the larger ones as they break up as they burn. I load up a basket on the hearth and then load it into the stove just as you would a chunk of wood. They disintegrate after a while but that's no big deal you can make lots of them from just a small amount chicken wire.

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